Michael Clark, SVP of Operations

MedQuist, Inc.

Having been a senior executive of MedQuist for the length of the De Novo team’s engagement, I am happy to share with you the positive impact that these skilled individuals had at a very risky time in our company’s history. Beyond much needed stability in the face of extraordinary litigation, our company seized the opportunity to operationally restructure for the future, and the De Novo approach and leadership allowed, encouraged and delivered both. Immediately upon engagement, they provided dual strategies to aggressively defend against serious allegations, while focusing on the customers and employees who were so critical to our service business.  In managing the litigation, their high level of critical thinking served as the bedrock for discussions that built the trust and confidence of our customers.  In an engagement that spanned about four years, not only was there a successful outcome to the litigation, but the company was able to earn the faith and confidence of its customers and complete an operational transformation that enabled it to secure a prosperous future.

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