A crisis event is anything that has the potential to adversely impact an organization in a dramatic way. Events such as a publicly announced criminal indictment, the discovery of financial statement errors, reports of product defects, a corporate governance or compliance failure, just to name a few, can quickly destabilize a company.  Such events are often accompanied by significant litigation, regulatory and government investigations, as well as intense media scrutiny.  We have the specialized management skills, experience and discipline required to parse through the myriad of issues, recognize and extract the critical facts, and then develop and implement solutions that not only resolve the crisis, but also maximize preservation of enterprise value.

Our services include:

  • Litigation Management and Advisory
  • Government and Regulatory Investigations Management and Advisory
  • Business Continuity and Strategic Planning
  • Investigation Analytics Including Quantification of Damages
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Discovery Process Management
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Document Review
  • Communications Development
  • Fraud Detection and Forensic Analysis