Andy Alcorn, President and CEO

Block Vision, Inc.

I can honestly say that, without the De Novo team, Block Vision would not exist today.  A leading specialty health company, Block helps manage the eye health of millions of Americans while driving profits and building value for our owners.  Block Vision was rescued from the ashes of a failed business strategy of its former parent company, Vision Twenty-One. De Novo’s professionals were the first to recognize the true value in Block and were instrumental in convincing lenders to become owners and to support and nurture a growth strategy. None of what we have accomplished would have been possible without the guidance and assistance of this leadership team.

Through Board participation, our relationship with De Novo has continued for more than 10 years. De Novo management has always provided thoughtful advice and a welcome sounding board. They build a foundation of facts and from that apply decades of experience to glean what has happened and how best to affect the desired outcome.  De Novo has been a valued advisor on growing our business and identifying solutions to our challenges.  They bring a financial and operational intelligence to their work that is much more than spreadsheets and financial statements. Most importantly they possess a flawless internal compass of sound judgment. Beyond operations and finance, they have provided us with a valuable window into how lenders and private equity firms think, analyze and act.

De Novo combines judgment, integrity and a keen intellect to deliver advice as valuable as any I have ever received.

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